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Dropbox Goofs Up While Updating Code, Access Control System Fails

Dropbox, a famous Web based file hosting service, suffered a serious security breach on Monday afternoon for around four hours between 1:54pm and 5:46 pm. During these hours, any user could potentially access the existing 25 million user accounts present on this web service by typing in any password.

The Company has apologized for the security breach and stated it as a security loophole which arose while a code was being updated. The problem was discovered by administrators at 5:41 pm and the corrective measures were taken during the next five minutes.

The Company claims that less than 1% of the users were logged in the website during those hours but is not clear about any suspicious activities that might have taken place. The Company is actively taking pre-emptive measures in order to prevent this from happening again in the future.

This development comes in the wake of the increasing promotion efforts made by companies like Amazon, Google and Apple to use their hosting services on the basis of trust and security that these brands are offering, but events like this are likely to turn away users from using these services. More details about the issue have been given by the company on its blog post which was uploaded on Monday afternoon.