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Google Puts Rainbow Next To GLBT Searches To Support Gay Pride Month

To show its support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, Google has recently added a rainbow feature to its search results which is being displayed at the right end side of the search bar, PC Mag (opens in new tab) reports.

This new feature marks June as gay and lesbian pride month and appears whenever a user enters any GLBT related search term. Previously Google added a thin colourful bar below the search box which displayed all the colors of rainbow but this year the rainbow is more vivid and attractive as it appears next to the search box.

Google is an active supporter of gay rights and has expressed opposition to Proposition 8, an anti-gay marriage measure approved by California voters. Last year the official Google blog released an article about gay parades and also named some Google employees who participated in it.

Google also launched a nationwide TV commercial as part of the ‘’It Gets Better” campaign, focusing on gay teen suicides and encouraging teens to look forward to the ways their life will improve once they are able to leave home and find more supportive communities.