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Intel New ULV Sandy Chips MacBook Air Bound?

In the latest indication that Apple will be refreshing its MacBook Air range fairly quickly, Intel, its processor supplier, has updated its pricelist and included three new processors aimed at the growing ultraportable laptop market.

The three processors all have two cores and a TDP of 17W, between a third and half what mainstream Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs dissipate.

The Core i5-2557M, the one which powers the ultra slim Asus UX21, which was unveiled at Computex, has a default clock speed of 1.7GHz, with a default overclocking mode of 2.7GHz and a cost price of $250.

The Core i7-2637M ups the turbo speed to 2.8GHz and the L2 cache to 4MB, while bumping the cost price to $289. Finally the $317 i7-2677M increases both the default and the overclocked clock speeds by 100MHz with L2 cache remaining at 4MB.

These new processors are ideal for any new ultraslim portables like the Macbook Air which need power sipping components in order to remove the need for bulky heatsinks and power hungry fans.

Intel has championed a new range of laptops called the Ultrabooks which differs from ordinary ones by sporting an SSD, ultra low voltage processors as well as smartphone-like capabilities. The first Ultrabooks are expected to be released towards the end of the year and to cost around $1000.