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Microsoft Works With Hackers To Develop Official Unlocking Service

In an interesting collaboration, Microsoft has joined hands with the people hacking its Windows Phone 7 platform to release an authorised unlocking service.

Chevron WP7, a creative hacker group that works on Microsoft’s latest phone operating system has revealed in a recent blog post (opens in new tab)that it is soon going to launch a joint application which will allow Windows Phone customers to unlock their operating systems and install non-approved applications without fear of company’s intervention.

According to PC World (opens in new tab) hacker’s group has promised to release the application named ChevronWP7 Labs (opens in new tab)in order to help users unlock their device to run apps of their choice in an authorised manner.

The group plans to charge users a small amount to be paid via PayPal for using the service instead of annual fee of $99 for using the Microsoft’s app hub.

The decision by the hacker group to join forces with Microsoft may give more legitimacy to the practise of unlocking smartphones and may serve as a wake up call to other smartphone manufacturers.

Jailbreaking phones is the controversial process of changing a phone or other device's operating system so that it can run software that the manufacturer has not approved. Some phone manufacturers claim that jailbreaking is illegal.