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Mozilla Rebuts Microsoft's Critique On WebGL's Safety

A fresh war-of-words has broken out between Microsoft and Mozilla, with Mozilla saying that the Windows maker should not criticize the WebGL platform as Microsoft’s own 3D interface technology, which comes with the Sliverlight browser plug-in, is plagued by security flaws.

WebGL, which is a cross platform, low level 3D graphics acceleration platform built by primarily by Mozilla was criticized by Microsoft last week because of alleged security problems that it presented.

Microsoft even went far as saying that it would not endorse WebGL “in its current form”.

However, according to Mozilla’s vice president of technology strategy Mike Shaver, Microsoft’s own offering Silverlight 5 plug-in features the same set of security flaws that it had accused the WebGL suffering from earlier.

“Microsoft's concern that a technology be able to pass their security review process is reasonable and similar matters were the subject of a large proportion of the discussions leading to WebGL's standardization;” said Shaver, CNET (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) reports.

“I also suspect that whatever hardening they applied to the low-level D3D API wrapped by Silverlight 3D can be applied to a Microsoft WebGL implementation as well.”