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Naratte Replaces NFC Tech With Sound Waves

A new technology called Zoosh promises to allow fast and secure device-to-device communications via sound waves.

According to tech news website CNET (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)Naratte, a Silicon Valley, California-based start up has developed Zoosh which has been designed to accomplish the same task as a NFC (near-field communication) without adding an extra chip to the handset.

According to the developers at Naratte, Zoosh has numerous advantages over current technologies being used for short-range communication. The makers claim that it is faster than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it also does not require additional hardware to be installed in headsets.

This means that Zoosh simply requires a download, whereas NFC requires consumers to buy a new phone.

There are also savings for businesses that choose to accommodate Zoosh, according to the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab) upgrading to NFC costs between $100 to $800 depending upon the machine, while upgrading to the Zoosh technology only costs vendors about $30.

“When we look at the current technologies out there, they have fallen short in trying to provide this device-to-device technology,We built an acoustic baseband in software,” said Brett Paulson, the chief executive officer of Naratte.