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Is The Nokia N9 Smartphone A Re-engineered N900?

Nokia's N9 showed that the Finnish company can still get a very decent smartphone out of the door and the handset, which was showcased as its first ever "pure touch" device, was also its first MeeGo device.

According to Pocketnow, the phone comes with a curved glass AMOLED display with a laminated display technology that's meant to "bring content closer" to the Corning scratch resistant display.

The rest of the configuration leads us to believe that the smartphone is an upgraded, keyboard-less version of the Maemo-powered N900, its two year old product that until now has been its most advanced handset.

Like the latter, the N9 comes with a TI OMAP3630 system on chip based on ARM Cortex A8, with one core and clocked at 1GHz. It is the followup to the SoC used in the Nokia N900, the OMAP3430 which ran at 600MHz; both however share the same GPU, the PowerVR SGX530, which is also used in the iPhone 3GS.

Both the N9 and the N900 are the first (and last) of their species; The N900 was the only smartphone to come with Maemo while the N9 is the sole handset to be powered by Meego.

The N900 still pips the N9 on a few counts: it has a front facing camera, a removable microSD slot, a higher pixel density and that three-row keyboard.