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Noon News: Zoosh To Replace NFC, Autorun Malware Infection Declines, Windows 8 May Include Hyper-V Virtualisation Software

A new technology called Zoosh promises to allow fast and secure device-to-device communications via sound waves. According to tech news website CNET, Naratte, a Silicon Valley, California-based start up has developed Zoosh which has been designed to accomplish the same task as a NFC (near-field communication) without adding an extra chip to the handset. According to the developers at Naratte, Zoosh has numerous advantages over current technologies being used for short-range communication. The makers claim that it is faster than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it also does not require additional hardware to be installed in headsets.

Microsoft is making progress in the fight against malicious software. According to recent figures released by the company, autorun related malware attacks have sharply declined during the first quarter of 2011. The Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft was able to register a 59 percent drop in the number of autorun infections on XP and an even higher 74 percent drop in Vista infections, approximately 1.3 million fewer infections than the previous year, PC World reports.

The 'standardized mobile contactless payment platform,' which has been launched by UK telecom giants Everything Everywhere, O2 and Vodafone to speed up the acceptance of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology throughout the UK market, could also prove to be vital for location based campaigns, according to a new report.

Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system Windows 8 may include Hyper-V virtualisation software, according to new reports. According to blogger Robert McLaws, the presence of the Hyper V v3.0 was found in a leaked, early build of Windows 8. McLaw revealed the leak through a blog post on June 20. McLaw also claimed to have spotted a handful of modifications in the Hypervisor 3.0, including compatibility with processors that have four cores, a brand new .VHDX virtual hard drive format called NUMA, CHCP, router guard and hardware acceleration.

With recent changes in data protection law taking effect, European Commission Vice President and Justice Commissioner Vivane Reding has pushed to establish mandatory requirements for firms to notify authorities in case they lose customer data during a security breach. “I intend to introduce a mandatory requirement to notify data security breaches – the same as I did for telecoms and internet access when I was telecoms commissioner, but this time for all sectors, including banking and financial services,” said Reding, V3 reports.

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