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Nuance Acquires Noterize, Which Is Temporarily Taken Off iTunes

Burlington based speech and imaging applications provider Nuance has acquired the massively popular iOS note taking application Noterize, according to new reports.

With this move the market is flooded with rumors about what Nuance bosses had in mind when they went ahead with the deal.

The acquisition, which was finalized very quietly about four months back in March, without giving the media or apparently Apple, has been confirmed by a Nuance representative.

The representative, however, clarified that only the source code for the product has been acquired, and not the entire team behind Noterize. The company also explained that since the deal was of a lesser value, the company chose not to reveal it to the public at the time.

The deal first came to the public's attention recently when the app was suddenly removed from the iTunes store, and the subsequent disclosure by its website about the acquisition. Since the app wasn't taken down four months ago, it seems like Apple may have also been kept in the dark about the acquisition.

“Because of the acquisition of the code, Nuance must re-submit the application for approval by Apple,” the Nuance representative said, AllThingsDigital (opens in new tab)reports.

“Nuance is updating the copyright information as well as the support contacts in the app and we’ll repost the app once this is complete.”