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Playstation Vita Available In UK From November 2nd?

UK online retailer Shopto has put the Sony Playstation Vita gaming console on preorder with a tentative delivery date scheduled for the 4th of November 2011; should customers not receive their device by then, the retailer promises to credit their accounts with £3.

Shopto has also given a slight discount on the console's suggested retail price which currently stands at £229.99. Up to 20 games are expected to be launched at the same time with a SRP of £39.99.

The PS Vita will be, at launch, the most powerful portable gaming console by far, bettering the Nintendo Wii and potentially even Microsoft's Xbox 360 console.

Its system on chip fuses together the equivalent of two A5 chips, the one found inside the iPad 2. There are two ARM-based Cortex A9 cores with four SGX543MP4+ GPUs.

There's also a five-inch 960x544 capacitive multi touch display with a nifty rear multi touch capacitive pad, a front and a rear camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional 3G and GPS as well as a Playstation Vita card slot.

At £230, the Vita packs a surprising amount of punch for its price, especially when compared to the likes of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play which costs almost twice as much and comes with significantly less raw power.