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Sacked Duke Nukem PR Blames Twitter Outburst On Late Night And Bad Review

The man sacked PR agency The Redner Group has spoken out about how one ill-advised Tweet lost him the Duke Nukem Forever account and possibly much more.

Jim Redner from The Redner Group, has used a guest columnist spot on Wired's web site to explain his unfortumate and expensive outburst.

His fatal message of Twitter read:

"too many went too far with their reviews... we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn't based on today's venom"

For someone who professes to be a seasoned PR professional of ten years' standing, it was a pretty major gaffe as Redner himself admits.

"It was a brain fart of epic proportions that registered on the social media Richter scale," he confessed.

Despite the obvious plurality in the message, that "too many" had gone too far with their "reviews", and the fact that you would be hard pushed to find a single good review among the avalanche of critical outpourings for the much-delayed game, Redner is now trying to pin his career-destroying diatribe on a single bad write-up according to thinq_

"I was working late and received an e-mail from my former client, 2K, asking if I had seen one particularly negative review of Duke Nukem." he writes. "I would like to stress that the e-mail from 2K only pointed out the diatribe. The e-mail did not contain covert instructions on how to post something insidious on Twitter.

"I overreacted when I read the review and I vented on Twitter. It was an act of passion on my part that lacked objectivity. In my opinion, someone had gone over the top to attack the game and those who spent their lives trying to make it. Ultimately, I committed a cardinal sin in marketing."

Unfortunately for Redner, that Tweet was picked up by a number of news outlets before he reconsidered and deleted it shortly after sending, and went pretty much viral.

It's a stern lesson for those working in marketing who take advantage of the power of the likes of Twitter and Facebook. These may be great tools for getting a message across to the great unwashed, but it can also make you look like a tool if you get it wrong, which Redner undoubtedly did.