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Windows 8 Build 7989 Leaked, Features Many New Enhancements

A brand new build of the Microsoft Windows 8, also called the build 7989, has been leaked over the Web, and reportedly features a wide range of potential new features.

According to reports emerging on the internet, the new features include a brand new, advanced virtual keyboard, new SMS feature, geo-location services and many more.

Virtual keyboard is actually not a new feature in the Windows. But as demonstrated in the video below, the new virtual keyboard to be incorporated in Windows 8 will be a touch enabled one as compared to the existing one which needs mouse clicks to operate. The website that originally posted the video also added that the new keyboard will feature integrated support for feedback sounds and emotions.

Though sending an SMS from a PC may sound kind of weird to many, one of the key new aspects the leaked data of the build 7989 highlights over is the SMS functionality. Considering how the Windows 8 primary focus converges on gadgets such as tablet computers or Netbooks, there is certainly no reason why the Windows maker would not ponder over incorporating the feature in its forthcoming products.

“Microsoft might also implement geo-location in the forthcoming Windows. This feature will allow applications to detect the computer's location (only if the user allows it to). This feature will at least save us from the annoyance of selecting the time zone,” reveals.