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£40 Samsung YA-SBR510 Bluetooth Speaker System

Samsung YA-SBR510 is a Bluetooth audio speaker system which allows you to listen to your favourite songs and audio files in your Bluetooth enabled portable device, through a clear and rich sound system. The sophisticated and clean design of the speaker lures a person in the first look itself.

This speaker system has a wide range of compatibility for Bluetooth enabled devices and your device can easily get connected to the system wirelessly if it is within 10 metres of its vicinity. Thus, it connects seamlessly to a large number of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and mp3 players with its built-in AV2P stereo Bluetooth.

This system is definitely not going to disappoint you even if your portable device doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. You can plug-in your device to its built-in USB port or 3.5mm audio jack to listen to your favourite tunes with its high quality audio output. For the sound output, the speaker system uses a 3.1 channel system with a power output of 30 watts.

The system features an automated motion sensing mechanism which automatically powers up the light display on detection of someone passing by its vicinity. This provision makes it capable of conserving power and thus making it an eco-friendly product.

The Samsung YA-SBR510 can be purchased from for a price of £40.00.