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Amazon's iPad 2 Rival To Come In August?

Amazon may release its Android-based Kindle tablet as early as August if murmurs from Taipei are to be believed, with the online retailer expecting to sell a staggering four million units in around five months, which is more than all the other Android tablets put together.

Anonymous sources in the Taiwanese component manufacturing industry told Digitimes that the launch is timed to allow the Kindle to get traction ahead of the busy end of year holiday season in the US and Europe.

The report also claims that Amazon will use TI system on chips (possibly a TI OMAP4xxx model like the LG Optimus 3D), touch panels from Wintek and the manufacturing manpower from ODM giant Quanta.

The tablet, which has yet to be named, will apparently use E-Ink's Fringe Field Switching LCD technology, possibly licensed from E-Ink Holdings.

Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, told Consumer Reports last month to "stay tuned" when probed over the possibility that Amazon might sell its own tablets.

It is highly unlikely that the online retailer will phase out its Kindle ebook reader given that it is still the most popular device on Amazon and the company's biggest revenue earner.

In addition, the Amazon tablet would be the perfect complement to the newly launched Cloud Drive, the Android Appstore as well as the other multimedia services (Audible, Lovefilm etc) it has offered over the past few years.

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