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Apple To Offer Branded TV Sets?

Apple is reportedly planning to enter the TV hardware business and sell Apple-branded TV sets. Google has a somewhat similar project with Sony that has reportedly had rather low sales, but Apple hopes its project will be more successful thanks to the devotion of iOS fans, Daily Tech reports.

The tech giant is planning to launch a TV set integrating Apple TV services with iTunes thereby delivering a hard strike to Netflix and other similar streaming services. Apple will purchase physical TV sets from a supplier yet unknown and will then put the Apple label on the devices, according to a former Apple executive.

"You'll go into an Apple retail store and be able to walk out with a TV. It's perfect", he added. The company could introduce its new offering this autumn, but Apple’s TV sets might actually hit the stores sometime in 2012.

If the information is indeed accurate, then Apple is taking a great risk since the iOS TV sets could become Apple’s second market failure after Apple TV. Maybe the company needs two wet blankets to realise that its success in the television segment is limited.

Apple could attract more people to use its iOS-television services by integrating apps in the offering, but again, the Apple brand does not guarantee success.

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