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BAPCo in disarray after AMD, Nvidia, VIA quit

AMD, Nvidia and even VIA have all quit the Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo) claiming the outfit's SYSmark 2012 Benchmark is skewed in favour of Intel processors.

The story was first reported by Charlie over at SemiAccurate and subsequently confirmed by AMD which released the following statement:

"Technology is evolving at an incredible pace, and customers need clear and reliable measurements to understand the expected performance and value of their systems," according to Nigel Dessau, AMD's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "AMD does not believe SM2012 achieves this objective. Hence AMD cannot endorse or support SM2012 or remain part of the BAPCo consortium."

The statement continues: "AMD will only endorse benchmarks based on real-world computing models and software applications, and which provide useful and relevant information. AMD believes benchmarks should be constructed to provide unbiased results and be transparent to customers making decisions based on those results. Currently, AMD is evaluating other benchmarking alternatives, including encouraging the creation of an industry consortium to establish an open benchmark to measure overall system performance."

Dessau later details AMD's objections to the SYSmark 2012 benchmark on his AMD blog.

BAPCo released a statement of its own in which it claims AMD, as a member of the organisation, was consulted on the construction of the benchmark

“Each member in BAPCo gets one vote on any proposals made by member companies. AMD voted in support of over 80% of the SYSmark 2012 development milestones, and were supported by BAPCo in 100% of the SYSmark 2012 proposals they put forward to the consortium,” the outfit wrote.