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Could The iPhone Be A Video Game Console Killer?

The iPhone’s motion and touch technologies allow users to play simple, but addictive games which could spell disaster for video game consoles.

It appears that console makers are not afraid the iPhone could kill off their business though, since they believe that only casual gamers play iPhone games. However, perhaps they should take the iPhone as a threat because the smartphone offers portable games that users can play while on the road.

Moreover, game developers may prefer to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a game and finish it in a few weeks, than pump millions into complex games which cannot be finished in less than one year, FoxNews (opens in new tab) reports.

Companies that rent online games are thinking about offering similar subscriptions to tablet users as well. This is a good idea because gamers will be able to carry their favourite games with them all the time and dispose of CDs.

If we follow the news since the end of April, when Apple offered iPhone 4 models to developers with an improved A5 kernel, we realise that Steve Jobs & Co are not going to ignore this segment, knowing how many people play games on the iPhone. NextiPhoneNews (opens in new tab) suggests that the iPhone 5 could pose a serious threat to the leaders in the gaming sector: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. “Angry Birds” is a prime example of how successful a casual, free or very cheap game can be.

Many game console makers will argue that nothing can beat the user end experience offered by the latest consoles installed in the living room, but portability and lower price-tags are becoming more and more important decision factors in people’s purchasing behaviour.

Of course, portable handheld gaming devices are also available but consumers tend to buy multifunctional gadgets. After all, who needs to buy a gaming console when the iPhone can be a substitute?

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