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Extension To Google Chrome Identifies Malicious Sites

Google on Tuesday released an extension for its web browser to identify websites that could make users open to malware attacks.

According to tech website PC World Google Inc. has launched a new tool called DOM Snitch for its Chrome browser that would help analysts and developers to flag websites and identify holes in their web applications in client-side code.

“To do this, we have adopted several approaches to intercepting JavaScript calls to key and potentially dangerous browser infrastructure. Once a JavaScript call has been intercepted, DOM Snitch records the document URL and a complete stack trace.” wrote Radoslav Vasilev, a security test engineer at Google in a blog post.

DOM Snitch is one of the many steps taken by the Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. in order to improve web security. The company believes that web security will play a crucial part in the future of web-based businesses and therefore it is also working towards building a higher level of security for Chrome. Skipfish and Ratproxy are two other code-testing tools on which Google has been working for some time now.