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FBI takes down legit sites in search of LulzSec

It looks like the blundering efforts of the FBI to try to pin down the likes of LulzSec have caused a bunch of legitimate businesses to go offline.

Reports are emerging that the bungling snoops raided a datacentre in the US yesterday and wandered off with a collection of hardware. The datacentre was run by Swiss firm DigitalOne, which its itself now offline.

DigitalOne’s chief executive, Sergej Ostroumow, was forced to email clients explaining the shenanigans. “This problem is caused by the FBI, not our company," he wrote. "In the night FBI has taken 3 enclosures with equipment plugged into them, possibly including your server - we cannot check it.

“After FBI’s unprofessional ‘work’ we can not restart our own servers, that’s why our Web site is offline and support doesn’t work.”

According to the New York Times, the FBI has teamed up with the CIA an other 'law' enforcement agencies around the world in an increasingly frantic attempt to track down LulzSec and its cronies.

In their efforts they seem to be causing as much mayhem as the hackers themselves.