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A Fifth Of UK Grandparents Have Social Networking Accounts

A recent report has revealed that more than one fifth of grandparents in the United Kingdom are active on social networking platforms.

According to a news report by The Telegraph (opens in new tab) nearly 22 percent of the total number of grandparents answered ithat they had an active account on at least one social networking website.

The research conducted by My Voucher Codes said that around 71 percent of grandparents who are socially networking have their profiles on Facebook while 34 percent are on the micro blogging platform Twitter and only nine percent are active on LinkedIn. Of course, Facebook is the most popular social networking site among most demographics.

The website surveyed 1,341 grandparents over the age of 60 to write about the Internet behaviour of people above the age of 60 in the UK.

“I think it’s quite a common misconception nowadays that the over- 60s aren’t as savvy as others when it comes to the Internet. Anyone would love to see their grandparents online.” stated Mark Pearson, chairman of My Voucher Codes.

More than half of grandparents were encouraged to join the social networking platform by their grandchildren and other young members of the family, and keeping in touch with family seems to be a primary concern for older people on social networking sites.