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GitHub social coding app for Mac released

GitHub has released a Mac application which gives easy access to its web-based hosting services for developers.

GitHub for Mac sees the first time any platform has broken away from the web-based interface familiar to users but the open source outfit is currently being coy about similar offerings for Windows or Linux, despite many impassioned pleas from fans.

Available for free right now, the social networking app for coding geeks allows users to share open source projects with colleagues while managing pull requests, fork queues and project merges without fuss.

The software, which has a slick Apple-ish interface, will help users set up a new account or find an existing one after which they can manage all of the repositories on their computers.

A sync button pushes local changes to GitHub on the web and pulls down other’s changes in one operation. It notifies users when changes haven’t been pushed or there are new changes on GitHub which haven’t been pulled down.

Repositories can also be cloned using a single click and will automatically be matched with repositories owned by other organisations associated with the project.

The software has also made it easier to try out remote branches, create new local branches and publish branches to share with others.

A spokesman said, "This is just the beginning - we're really stoked for the future of GitHub for Mac and hope you will be too."

The free 6.8MB download requires OSX 10.6 and comes direct from GitHub's own servers. It's not clear if an App Store release is on the cards.