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Handicapped PC Users Can Now Work With Their Feet

A latest invention will now enable users to operate computers with their feet much easily, greatly improving handicapped computer access.

The Berkeley, California-based organisation, Keith McMillen Instruments (opens in new tab) has announced a new digital interface that will be foot controlled, making use of computer hands-free, reports The Daily Californian (opens in new tab).

According to tech website CNET (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)the gadget is called the SoftStep KeyWorx multitouch foot controller and it is both Mac and Windows compatible. It consists of 10 keys, all sensitive to direction and pressure. The gadget also boasts a navigation pad that enables people to use applications, type and manage the mouse easily.

“We ended up getting requests from people that wanted to do additional things in collaboration with the SoftStep Foot Controller and the computer,” said Jon Short, sales vice president at Keith McMillan.

He also added that the device only weighs 1.3 pounds, making it easier for users to take the device around with them.

The device is expected to be a niche hit with disabled users who have difficulty using a mouse and keyboard at the same time, or who are unable to use their hands as other users would. Priced at $289.95, the device will be available from web-based retailers including Amazon and eBay.