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Has Lulzsec Been Hacked By TeamPoison?

There's a civil war brewing in the murky world of hackers as TeamPoison (or TeaMp0isoN) claimed that it has managed to break into Lulzsec, posting a message on an alleged Dutch Lulzsec affiliate site.

That page has since been taken down but a screen capture can still be found here while Google still has some remains of the defaced site, although there's no cached file. TeamPoison also revealed plans to publish the names, addresses, passwords, phone numbers and pictures of the Lulzsec team.

TeaMp0isoN's statement also mentioned that Lulzsec had been warned before, urged not to make empty threats and discouraged from pretending to "represent the real hacking scene".

The anonymous author lambasted Lulzsec and Anonymous for using basic techniques like posting hashes on public forums, putting an IP address into an IRC channel and using pre-made tools and scripts to grab databases from unsuspecting websites, stating that these are not the hallmarks of real hackers.

TeaMp0isoN's Twitter also claims that they have been taking down Lulzsec and Anonnews IRC servers.

While we can't confirm the aforementioned claims, we did try to access during the day only for it to time out. Ironically, both Lulz Security and Anonnews websites use Cloudflare, a free popular security service, to fend off DDoS attacks from rivals. You can follow the latest news about the antics of hacking group Lulzsec here.