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IBM Launches First Product With Netezza

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has announced its plans to release the first appliance that it developed with Netezza (opens in new tab), the data specialist firm it acquired in 2010.

According to a PC World (opens in new tab) report, IBM is set to roll out a new device which it claims can go through 10 petabytes of data within a few minutes during the Enzee Universe conference to be held in Boston on Wednesday.

IBM is targeting organisations that are storing great amount of data and want to be able to search that data in a shorter amount of time.

"Kelley Blue Book will evaluate the new appliance to unlock the value of archived data in search of new ways to grow our business," said Karen Simmons, senior director, data warehousing at Kelly Blue Book, a Netezza customer.

According to the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab), the latest device is based on a modular design that enables users to upgrade from a few gigabytes upto 10 petabytes of the data in one go. Netezza’s latest appliance is expected to stand better chances than Oracle’s Exadata.

The price of data storage has dropped significantly in recent years, making it easier for companies to store data, but using vast amounts of data in meaningful ways continues to be a challenge. These types of products are meant to help companies monetize the data that they are currently storing.