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Is Hulu Up For Grabs?

Word on streets is that online video provider Hulu is currently pondering over putting itself up for a takeover offer.

The news first broke in a report by the Wall Street Journal, which claimed that Hulu bosses are currently weighing down the pros and cons of selling itself.

If these reports are to be believed, this truly is a crucial juncture for the Los Angeles based company which started its journey in the US market some four years back in 2007.

The Wall Street Journal report, which was referring to inputs taken from some unnamed sources, did not disclose anything regarding the identities of the potential buyers though.

However, in a few other reports surfacing all over the Web since this morning, it has been revealed that Yahoo has approached the online video distribution company as its potential buyer. The amount Yahoo is rumoured to be “offering” still remains to be learned though.

Hulu, currently enjoys a workforce of over 300 employees, and its primary services include free-of-cost, ad supported movies, and full-length TV shows.

Recently it also launched a new subscription plan called Hulu Plus, which allows viewers to enjoy full seasons of some select TV shows.