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Israeli Minister Asks Apple To Remove 'Third Intifada' App

Apple’s inclusion of an Arabic language app in its App Store, which allegedly calls for a Palestinian uprising, has not gone over well with the Israeli cabinet.

New reports have revealed that one of the country’s high-profile ministers, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, has asked the iPhone maker to immediately pull the app in question.

Apparently the Israeli minister raised the issue with Apple’s chief executive officer Steve Jobs personally. In his letter to Jobs, the minister mentioned that the app, called "Third Intifada" had been trying to fuel a Palestinian uprising by passing along information about protests and other planned actions against Israel.

"I am convinced that you are aware of this type of application's ability to unite many toward an objective that could be disastrous," Edelstein reportedly wrote in the letter, according to (opens in new tab) Reuters (opens in new tab).

The application publishes streams of editorial articles and news stories in Arabic, provides links to nationalistic Palestinian songs and videos, and announces forthcoming protests on a regular basis.

The minister also revealed that the app developers had set up a similar page in Facebook, which was removed by the social media platform upon his request.