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McAfee Unveils Security Suite For Android Smartphones And Tablets

Security solution provider McAfee has unveiled security suite for Android based mobile and tablet devices.

The new offerings, named Wavesecure Tablet Edition - aimed at Android based tablet PCs, and Mobile Secure, aimed at Android Smartphones, has been termed by many as a desperate move by the company to boost its stake in the ever growing Android market.

According to McAfee, the kind of rapid growth that the global Smartphone and tablet market has witnessed in the past few years, the security threats to these devices are also constantly on the rise. It also said that the new MacAfee mobile security suite for Android devices will help to a great extent in keeping a constant check over these growing threats.

"The threats to mobile devices are in many ways the same as in the online world. Beyond device loss or theft, users can be hacked, infected or phished on a mobile device just as easily as they can online," Todd Gebhart, EVP at McAfee said, the Inquirer reports.

McAfee also bragged that the Wavesecure tablet edition not only safeguards users from viruses and malwares, but also comes quite handy if their devices get lost or stolen - thanks to the built-in alarm and location tracking technologies.