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Microsoft Offering Xbox Live From £1 Per Month!

Microsoft has not yet closed the loophole that allows Xbox Live users to sign up or extend their current Xbox Live Gold subscription for as little as £1 per month, which is roughly a third of what you'd be expected to pay from the likes of Amazon or Dixons and a sixth of the suggested retail price.

The deal is currently still available here and is valid until the 27th of June; the promotion page clearly stipulates "After the promotional 1 month, your membership will automatically renew to a one month membership at the then-current price unless you change your renewal or cancel before your membership ends."

But many Xbox 360 users are reporting that Microsoft has not solved that glitch yet; some have even managed to extend their Xbox Live Gold subscription to June 2014, 36 months in a row, the maximum pre-paid period Microsoft currently allows.

The process is deceptively simple; users only have to click the "I'm ready to go gold" button using this link and repeat it for as long as they wish.

Some suspect that Microsoft is quietly trying to get more people to talk about and subscribe to Xbox Live virally without being seen as massively undercutting its own resellers; which would explain why the company hasn't closed that loophole yet.