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Microsoft Previews NuAds Platform At Cannes

Microsoft finally unveiled its much anticipated NuAds platform at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

The Xbox manufacturer also demonstrated a sample of the new service by displaying branded content which Kinect enthusiasts can interact with by using their voice and gestures.

The company also showed examples of people utilizing on screen commands to receive detailed information about a particular ad, display car dealerships from surrounding areas on a map, make a calender note to remind themselves of advertised TV shows and so forth, in a Microsoft Advertising blog post.

Some other remarkable demonstrations that the company presented included users sharing an ad in Twitter through their gestures, or voting in polls on the content of an ad just by waving their hands.

"[Interactive advertisers] have been confronted with an amalgam of devices, clunky interfaces, closed platforms, conflicting development tools, confusing controllers and a whole lot of frustration," said Mark Kroese, general manager of Microsoft, Gamasutra reports.

"Many brands have avoiding touching this third rail of advertising altogether, opting to wait until a solid solution arrived," he added.