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Motorola updates the Xoom to Android 3.1

Motorola has confirmed that European Xoom users will soon be enjoying the benefits of Android 3.1 after it successfully rolled the update out to US customers in May.

While the Xoom was the first tablet to hit the market with Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' - Google's tablet-centric branch of its mobile software platform - it quickly became outdated as its rivals launched products running Android 3.1.

Worse, the initial build of the software lacked criticial components required to operate portions of the hardware, most egregiously the SD card slot which cannot be used at all under Android 3.0.

Although US customers were given an update to Android 3.1 which addressed these issues back in May, European customers had been left in the dark. With rival Asus already having rolled out Android 3.1 across its own tablet range, Motorola fans were beginning to wonder if they'd been forgotten.

Thankfully, the company has come good with an official European Android 3.1 update. Due to arrive on a scheduled roll-out over the next few weeks, the update brings some critical improvements including the activation of the SD card slot.

Android 3.1 also brings stability and functionality improvements, along with the ability to connect USB mice and game pads to the device and to resize widgets on the home screen to make better use of the available space.

Motorola has not yet confirmed whether the update will include the ability to rent films via the Android Market, as with the US update, noting only that 'functionality varies by region'.