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Nokia To Launch Another Meego Phone?

We genuinely thought that Nokia had given up on Meego, the aborted mobile platform that it had crafted with Intel and which brought together its own Maemo and Intel's Moblin OSes.

The N9, we believed, was to be both the beginning of something new and the swan song of a promising platform. Launched earlier yesterday, it is a beautiful piece of engineering which reminds us of a bigger version of the iPod Nano but with way more features.

It seems that we might have been wrong, as Pocketnow reveals that there could be a QWERTY slider in the pipeline from the Finnish manufacturer, which could be the N950 and also powered by Meego.

The N950 is said to be Nokia's MeeGo developer handset and may be seen as a direct replacement for the N900.

Expect it to have a QWERTY keyboard, a four-inch LCD screen with a 854x480 pixel resolution but no NFC and a smaller battery.

The phone may have been produced in limited quantities for MeeGo development programs, but we suspect that it might do quite well commercially should Nokia decide one day to put it on sale.

Will Nokia continue to support Meego in the long run or will it kill it as it did with Symbian? Why can't Nokia adopt more than one platform rather than putting all its eggs in the same basket?