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Oracle Acquires Content Management Firm FatWire

Oracle is going ahead with its proposed acquisition of the New York based software and content management firm FatWire, the company announced on Tuesday.

Oracle revealed that the main motive behind this acquisition is to deploy FatWire’s well known expertise in customer experience management, especially through mobile contact and social networking.

Oracle recently acquired ATG, a leading e-commerce vendor, which was seen by many as the company’s response to the acquisition of Sterling Commerce by its rival IBM.

Industry observers believe that Oracle has been putting a great deal effort into its dedicated customer service websites over the past few years, with the intention of supplanting telephone calls as the primary means that customers use to contact the company. Moving customer interactions to other channels allows for new types of interactivity and provides cost-cutting opportunities.

But there are also drawbacks to the deal. According to Klint Finley of the website (opens in new tab) ReadWriteWeb, (opens in new tab) “One thing, however, that seems missing from FatWire's tools is integration into outside social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Kickapps and other social content management solutions like Buddy Media (coverage) and Wildfire, help companies extend content into outside channels.”