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T-Mobile Flogs £5 Smartphones

Forget the 1p dumb phones, T-Mobile is offering the Unity or the Vibe mobile phones for as little as £5 when purchased through online cluster buying website KGBDeals.

The phones, which are selling at the rate of six every minute at the time of writing, are decent entry level smartphones that won't set the world alight but would certainly be quite handy if you want to check your Facebook or Twitter accounts or even the odd email.

You will also need to buy a £15 topup which gives you unlimited internet access for six months (with 500MB fair use policy) as well as 25 minutes or texts for free. The first handset, the Unity, shares the same form factor as the Blackberry Curve range. It comes with a two megapixel camera, a proper QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth and a standby time of up to 500 hours.

The second one, the Vibe, has a slide out QWERTY keypad, a two megapixel camera, MP3 player, a 2GB card and even a 2.8-inch touchscreen. Both handsets come preloaded with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo apps.

The deal, which includes free delivery, will come as a unique voucher code that has to be redeemed online, with the goods being delivered within 10 days. The phones - which are available only in pink - are worth £35 on T-Mobile's website which means that users can expect to save up to 86 per cent.