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Tilera Launches Intel Sandy Bridge Competitor, New Processor Range With 100 Cores

Chip designing company Tilera Corporation has come up with a new range of processors with up to 100 cores. With this, the company takes a head on with Intel in the market of servers, capable of handling throughput web applications

Tilera, which announced this achievement on Tuesday, also said that the new products in offering in the 40nm 64-bit Tilera Gx family line up can boast of having between 36 to 100 cores.

Needless to say, this new product line up poses a major threat for Intel Corporation as far as its stake in the high-end multi core processor-market is concerned, and particularly for its Sandy Bridge processor.

"The reason we can go against Sandy Bridge architecture is [Intel's range] was designed for general-purpose [applications], so it has to account for single-thread performance and power-point performance and Windows," Ihab Bishara, Tilera's head of marketing, said in an exclusive statement to the technology website Zdnet, UK.

"What we're targeting here is a very specific [high-throughput] application... If we compare our chip to Sandy Bridge in the standard enterprise application, we will not do well," he added.