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Up To 150 Million Expected To Sign Up For iCloud

A new study indicates that Apple may sign up more than 150 million iPhone users for its latest cloud storage service.

According to a new survey report released on Tuesday by the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets, nearly 76 percent of the total iPhone users surveyed intended to register for Apple’s iCloud service, CNN (opens in new tab)reports. iCloud is a free service offered by the California-based iPhone manufacturer which enables users to sync their emails and other data effectively.

iCloud can also be used as a music streaming service in some regions, and Apple is actively working to expand coverage of the music streaming function to as many regions as possible.

The report also suggests that nearly 73 percent of iPhone users surveyed are likely to use iMessage, Apple’s upcoming text messaging service. According to the RBC report, the total user base might go up to 150 million, CNET (opens in new tab)reports (opens in new tab).

But only 30 percent of users surveyed intended to use Apple’s iTunes Match service by paying $24.99 annually.

“iCloud, along with iTunes is expected to enhance loyalty of Apple's customers, helping defend against threats from Android, helping grow a defensible install base of users who continually upgrade to next generation Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods," the report stated.