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Why iPad Challengers Continue To Fall Short

Apple’s iPad is clearly the most popular tablet on the market having sold north of 20 million units, with Android tablets having sold maybe a couple of million. One reason for the present situation could be that many non-iOS tablets are failing to meet some of the users' primary expectations.

In some recent tests Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 equipped with Android 3.2 was found to be unable to run none of the major streaming apps except for YouTube, Tim Beyers of The Motley Fool (opens in new tab) discovered.

That's not to say Apple users don't have some problems of their own. Netflix version 1.3 for the iPad is giving some iOS users difficulties, with the app often crashing or freezing when the users search titles.

Another issue has been triggered by licensing disagreements between Liberty Starz and Sony, which has meant certain new releases have been pulled from the Watch Instantly service till things are resolved. However, at least there is content available, Android tab users cannot even access any films at all.

Moreover, it appears that as well as the Galaxy Tab 10.2, there are at least a few more Android devices that cannot run the latest Netflix version properly: HTC Incredible and HTC EVO.

According to an ABI Research survey, 57% of respondents who stated they were interested in buying a tablet said they would use it to download TV or video content. Only using the device for email and browsing the web came higher than streaming as priorities for potential tablet buyers.

In which case, Google should improve on this most basic functionality fast if it wants to begin to close the huge gap on its runaway tablet rival from Apple.

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