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XP Still More Popular Than Windows 7 Among Corporations

A new survey has revealed that the majority of corporate computers still run on Microsoft’s aging operating system Windows XP.

According to the latest report released by the web-based technology and market research company Forrester Research, while Microsoft’s latest Windows 7 has made strides in increasing its user base, around 60 percent of the total computers surveyed still run on the decade old Windows XP.

The survey is based on more than 400,000 PCs owned by more than 2,500 client organisations that visited Forrester’s website by the end of March this year, Computer World reports. The research has also indicated that by the end of March this year around 20.9 percent of corporate PCs ran on Windows 7, nearly twice as many as the 9.5 percent of April last year.

"The majority of firms will move to Windows 7 during the next year as the extended support phase for Windows XP approaches. It's no surprise, but firms are abandoning Windows Vista in favor of Windows 7," said Ben Gray, an analyst at Forrester wrote in the report. Gray co-authored the research report for operating system and browser trends.

Windows Vista was extremely unpopular, and many users actually 'downgraded' from Vista to XP after having bad experiences.