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Adobe embraces web standards with Edge animation

You could be forgiven for thinking that Adobe had joined Apple's campaign to eradicate Flash video and animation from the Web judging my the image-manipulation outfit's latest offering.

Adobe Edge is a web-standards-based animation tool which could well replace the company's ubiquitous but annoying proprietary platform.

Based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the time-line-based animation application offers a simple drag-and-drop-then-drop-again-in-another-place interface for creating web animations and transitions.

The app is capable of manipulating existing HTML pages without messing with the underlying code and, as the (Flash) video below shows, is happy importing a plethora of existing file types.

Adobe has stuck by its Flash guns even in the face of a blanket ban on all of Apple's iOS devices, and the growing popularity of 'Flash killer' browser plug-ins which allow users to decide when they want their eyeballs burned out by shoddy animated adverts.

Today's announcement isn't the first time Adobe has stepped closer to offering a standards-compliant solution to the Flash problem, but it's most radical departure from the company's core applications yet.

The company says an early preview of the software - which will more than likely become part of the Creative Suite package - will be available soon and is asking potential users to sign up for the beta.

We can hardly wait to see the flood of wibbly wobbly, fading, spinning, shouty banner ads which are sure to follow soon after the launch.