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Apple iPhone 5 May Sport Dual LED Flash

The next iteration of the iPhone may come with two LED flashes, a move that we highlighted only last week after pictures of different camera components appeared online.

Now Digitimes has received intel that Apple may be ordering dual-LED flashes from one or more of the many Taiwanese LED packaging companies; the usual suspects being Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-On Technology.

The rumour coincides with another Digitimes report which mentions the drastic cut in orders from Apple for Philips Lumileds high-power flash parts which were used by Apple for the iPhone 4.

We're not sure though whether Apple will opt for a single flash module with two separate LED flashes or two single unit LED flashes placed at each end of the camera to improve overall picture quality.

It is rumoured that Apple has dumped Philips and opted for separate component parts because of the fiasco following the white iPhone 4 unavailabilty.

Apple did not launch the white model last year apparently because of issues associated with the combined effect the flash and the white lacquer finish had on the camera's picture quality.

Adding an additional separate flash module would only increase the cost of production marginally, and would hand Apple another "first" when it comes to new features.

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