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Apple Picks Up New Multi-Touch Patent

Apple was granted a new patent on Tuesday describing a new manner in which users can interact with their gadget’s display depending on how many fingers they use.

"Depending on the number of fingers used in the gesture, a user may easily translate page content or just translate frame content within the page content," the patent reads.

This means that users could move a page around using a one-finger touch, or move content to a particular region of the page using a two-finger touch, Cnet (opens in new tab) reports.

The technology can be integrated on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and other touch-screen gadgets.

The inventors of the technology are Francisco Ryan Tolmasky, Richard Williamson, Chris Blumenberg, and Patrick Lee Coffman, who have produced other multi-touch patents for Apple before.

Apple’s patents are a very useful tool in legal battles and Apple needs to have as many patents as possible given the trials the company has been recently involved in. Patent cross-licensing deals help companies avoid litigation by granting one another access to their patent portfolio. The company with the thinnest portfolio usually pays more money to the others.

"Apple seems to only do patent deals as part of gaining access to patents," Raven Zachary, a former industry analyst observed.

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