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Bluetooth Special Interest Group Gets Apple On Board

Apple Inc. has been invited to join the board of directors by the Bluetooth’s Special Interest Group (SIG) for next two years. The SIG is a non-profit organisation that takes cares of the development of the Bluetooth technology and sells it to companies around the world.

According to 9 to 5 Mac Mountain view, California-based Apple Inc. has been signed on board for next two years. Apple will join the likes of Intel, Motorola, Lenovo, Nokia, Microsoft, Ericsson, and Toshiba at SIG. The group, in a press release has revealed that the invitation has been sent after a unanimous vote among the existing directors.

Critics believe that appointing Apple in the SIG is a very relevant decision especially after considering that Apple has sold millions of its products including the legendary iPhones, iPods, iPads along with millions of computer peripheral units equipped with Bluetooth worldwide.

“We see the importance of platform development and ultra-low power sensor silicon for Bluetooth technology and believe guidance and board participation from Apple and Nordic, industry leaders in these perspective fields, is essential,” states the executive director of the Bluetooth SIG, Michael Foley.