Skip to main content Merges With Google Docs will now come integrated with Google Docs, the company announced today. As a part of the deal, will merge its online, cross-platform storage with the widely used Google Docs platform to provide customers with an improved cloud-based productivity solution.

The decision no doubt is meant to counter the threat coming from the rival Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

"Beginning today, Box's 6 million users can easily create and collaborate on Google Docs and Spreadsheets from within Box, as well as edit the existing 50M+ Word and Excel files already stored on our platform,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and chief executive officer of, PC World reports.

“Google Docs enable entirely new forms of collaboration--like concurrent editing--that are impossible within desktop applications, and now these capabilities are easily available to Box users," he added.

According to observers, one major advantage that the Google Docs merger will have over Office 365 is the latter’s apparent inability to work as a cross platform solution.

However, there have been reports that Microsoft is planning to extend the compatibility of the Office 365 suite to other platforms to shore up this weakness.