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Chinese teen willing to swap cherry for Apple

A Chinese teen has offered to give up her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4.

According to a report in the Korean Herald, the young woman - who might not be a teen but was described as a 'jiulinghou' which is someone born in the 1990s, so we're taking a punt - asked her dad to buy her Apple's latest mobile offering.

When he refused, she apparently posted pictures of herself on Welbo, the Chinese version of Twitter, offering to sell her virginity to anyone willing to splash out on an iPhone 4 for her.

The report suggests that she may have been the victim of a prank, but more mindnoggling things have happened, like the case of a fellow Chinese teen, this time a boy, who flogged one of his kidneys in order to get his hands on a pile of Apple gadgetry including an iPad 2.

Quite frankly, we feel like we've been horribly abused every time we have to queue outside an Apple store to get products in for review on launch days.

Rumours that the girl would also offer a nice peck on the cheek for a Windows 7 mobile phone were entirely made up by us.