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Cleary charged over attacks on Soca, IFPI, BPI

Ryan Cleary, the 19 year-old arrested by police this week in connection with cyber attacks claimed to have been carried out by LulzSec, has been charged with taking part in three attacks on targets based in Britain.

The Metropolitan police said Cleary was charged in connection with three attacks. The first took place in October 2010 and was directed at the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). In November that year, police allege he took part in an attack on International Federation of the Phonographic Industry which is based in London. The IFPI attack was claimed by Anonymous.

He is also charged with helping bring down the web site of the Serious Organised Crime Agency - an attack claimed by LulzSec that took place on the day Cleary was arrested at his home in Essex.

Cleary is accused of controlling a botnet to help launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against the web sites.

Police said Cleary, "did conspire with other person or persons unknown to conduct unauthorised modification of computers by constructing and distributing a computer program to form a network of computers (a botnet) modified and configured to conduct Distributed Denial of Service attacks."

Investigations into attacks abroad are ongoing and focus on those claimed to have been carried out by LulzSec, the hacker group that this week distanced itself from Cleary following his arrest, an by Anonymous, an outfit in which Cleary is known to have been active.

Police are poring through the teenager's computers as we speak. He is due to appear at the City of Westminster magistrates court on Thursday morning.