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Crysis 2 gets DX11 makeover

Game outfit Crytek is preparing to release a DirectX 11-enabled version of its all-conquering alien shoot-'em-up Crysis 2.

A patch (1.9) will be available to download from the firm this coming Monday (June 27th), which will add funky new effects to the already visually impressive sci-fi romp.

Changes the patch wll enable are detailed here and include DX11 features such as tessellation and displacement mapping, high quality HDR motion blur, 'realistic' shadows with variable penumbra, parallax occlusion mapping, particles, motion blur, and other such nattily-named effects.

The DX11 patch has been in testing for some time and has already been downloaded by eager users. Crytech said the Crysis 2 PC patch 1.9 and the DX11 and High Res Texture packages will be made available on on Monday June 27th.