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EA Goes Shopping, May Buy PopCap For $1 Billion

After endless speculation on who is the secret buyer of casual gaming company PopCap, assumptions can finally be put to an end.

According to technology website Tech Crunch Electronic Arts (EA) is in the final stage of negotiation with the gaming giant with titles such as Planets vs. Zombies, Peggle and Bejeweled to its name.

If Tech Crunch is to be believed, EA is ready to pay a billion dollars to acquire the king of lower cost gaming world. Experts believe that the amount in negotiation is nearly 13 percent of the total market value of the buyer company.

It appears that EA is trying come out of the serious and hardcore gaming and indulge more in to casual games to reach to a wider consumer across the globe since EA has not done very well in the social gaming arena. With a super revolution in Smartphone market, games are being developed to attract a wider user base that is high-end mobile phone users. Games are being played on mobile in the form of Apps. Top earning gaming Apps companies include Zynga, Pocket Gems and Angry Birds. This only appears to be the possible logic behind such a move to by EA.