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FBI Raids Scareware Gang In Latvia

In a recent raid, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) caught members from a scareware gang that made more than $72 million by selling pirated software.

The FBI along with the Department of Justice have arrested two Latvians on charge of running a gang of fake software and earning tens of millions of dollars by duping customers worldwide, under the operation with the name of 'Operation Trident Tribunal', reports tech website PC World (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab).

According to the FBI, Peteris Sahurovs, 22, and Marina Maslobojeva, 23 were nabbed in Latvia on Tuesday. They were connected to one of two scareware groups the FBI is targeting.

The pair has been charged with running a scareware scheme under which they convinced computer users they were the victims of a malware attack and then charged them to fix the problem, selling them fake anti-virus software after the fact.

"These criminal enterprises infected the computers of innocent victims with malicious scareware, and then duped them into purchasing fake anti-virus software. We will continue to be aggressive and innovative in our approach to combating this international threat," assistant attorney general Lanny Breuer said in a statement.

According to Breuer, the FBI and department of Justice received full support from the other countries involved in the operation including Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania, and Ukraine in the Operation Trident Tribunal.