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First Samsung Series 5 Google Chromebook To Launch In UK On Friday

Samsung will start selling its first Chromebook devices, the Series 5, this Friday in the UK with the Wi-Fi version costing £349 and the 3G enabled model, £399. Users should be able to use their traditional 3G dongles with the Wi-Fi only model.

Google has worked closely with its partners to make sure that the Chromebook enhances users' internet experience. This means, for example, a 10-second start-up time and 8.5 hours worth of battery life.

The Chromebook is also thinner and lighter than most laptops of similar size. It does however come with a tiny 16GB Sandisk-built SSD and relies a lot on cloud-based applications from the likes of Google and Microsoft.

It also packs a 12.1-inch 1280x800 pixel LED-backlit display with a full size keyboard with some unique keys (like the dedicated search key) and is powered by Intel's latest dual core Atom, the N570.

Other notable features include a card reader, an oversized, multi-touch trackpad, two USB & one D-Sub port, an HD webcam and, of course, Google's much vaunted Chrome OS.

We're hoping to see Acer's take on the Chromebook fairly soon as well. Unlike the Samsung models, the Acer Chromebook comes with a slightly smaller screen (11.6-inch) but boasts a higher screen resolution at 1366x768 pixels and most importantly, an HDMI out.