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HP Chooses Quantum For High End Tape Storage

Quantum Corp. has entered into a new deal with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to enterprise its supply HP with a high-end tape library.

According to Market Watch (opens in new tab), Quantum Corp, an expert in digital archiving, backup and recovery equipment has entered into an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) agreement with computer maker HP to manufacture its tape library, based on Quantum's Scalar i6000 platform.

“HP's selection of Quantum's Scalar i6000 tape library as their next-generation tape platform validates our product strategy as well as confirms the extended value that tape provides for enterprises.” said Rob Clark, the senior vice president of Disk and Tape Backup Product Group at Quantum.

Quantum’s i6000 enterprise tape library has 96 drives and a storage capacity of nearly eight petabytes. The tape supports LTO as well as SLT and SDLT formats.

The Scalar i6000 provides strong security with features such as AES encryption and key manager interoperability protocol (KMIP). The makers claim that the new library will reduce the management time as well as the cost of operation. According to the details of the deal, Quantum will additional enterprise-class features such as redundant power and control circuits later this year.