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iPhone Is Top-Selling Smartphone For AT&T And Verizon

The iPhone is a very popular handset among AT&T and Verizon customers, with 59% of stores reporting that Apple’s smartphone was their best-selling handset, according to a BTIG Research report.

Around 250 stores took part in BTIG’s telephone survey during the past three weeks; 65% of AT&T stores declared that the iPhone is their top-selling device.

Android operated phones are the strongest selling phones in 31% of AT&T stores, while 2% of them named BlackBerry as the most important sales generator and only 1% of stores said Windows Phone triggered most sales, Apple Insider (opens in new tab) reports.

51% of Verizon stores confirmed that Apple’s smartphone was their top-selling handset, 38% said there was no clear difference between iPhone and Android sales, while 11% of stores gave 4G LTE Android as the winner.

The iPhone landed on Verizon only in February, but it appears it has already become the carrier’s most popular phone.

However, HTC’s Thunderbolt and Inspire 4G could soon outsell the iPhone both on AT&T and Verizon. Apple has delayed its 'usual' June introduction for the iPhone and has thus created a "window of opportunity” for other manufacturers.

However, the iOS smartphone is likely to dominate sales again once the iPhone 5 has been launched.

Apple sold almost 18.7 million iPhone units in Q1 of 2011, while the company’s sales were given a boost by the adoption of Verizon, which generated some 2.2 million iPhone sales.

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